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Meet Sree

A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Regression Therapist

- Certification is recognized by the medical and dental association of the USA and Europe -

Embarking on a Transformative Journey: From Geophysicist to Healing Guide

In the heart of a thriving career in the oil and gas industry, with 15 years of invaluable experience, I stood at a crossroads. My journey led me from the prestigious halls of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, to prominent roles at Weatherford Middle East in Dubai and Schlumberger. Yet, destiny had a different calling.

A few years ago, I unearthed my life's true purpose — healing and hypnotherapy. This profound shift has holistically transformed me, igniting a passion to share this gratifying experience with the world.

Today, I stand as a beacon of hope, utilizing the potent fusion of subconscious and conscious level techniques. I'm here for both men and women, those battling anxiety, feeling trapped, or grappling with their well-being. My mission is clear: guide those ready to reclaim their lives, demolishing fears, erasing blockages, and vanquishing self-doubt. I specialize in helping individuals recover from trauma, heal from narcissistic abuse, and overcome stress-related illnesses.

My approach is unconventional yet deeply effective. By harnessing the boundless power of the subconscious, we instigate profound changes in behavioral patterns, nurturing emotional well-being, and transforming mindsets. Together, we target specific symptoms and conditions, paving the path toward a life filled with positivity, balance, and unshakable resilience.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of transformation and empowerment. Together, we'll unlock the infinite potential within, redefining what it means to thrive. Your healing journey begins here.

Sreemanti Gijare

My Story

After dedicating nearly two decades of my life to prominent corporate endeavors and circling the sun a remarkable 40 times, I never envisioned having to rewrite the script of my life. Yet, here I stand, on the precipice of a new beginning, at a juncture where conventional wisdom often dictates retirement planning. It may seem unconventional, but when life's true purpose beckons, one must heed the call.

Throughout the years, a longing resided in my heart—an unquenched thirst to uncover my life's authentic purpose, my true calling. It remained elusive, a mysterious ember within. However, I am grateful that it eventually found me.

My journey began with a prized opportunity straight from campus—a journey that led me to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, far from my familiar surroundings. The wings I needed were crafted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and Schlumberger taught me not just to fly but to perceive the world through a fresh lens. It granted me financial independence and so much more.

Amidst this professional voyage, destiny orchestrated a rendezvous with my life partner, occurring within the realm of Schlumberger in 2002 when we solemnized our union. Life appeared to be on an idyllic course, with both of us steadily ascending the corporate ladder. In 2005, our joyous family welcomed its first precious addition—a baby girl.

As our careers continued to flourish, the prospect of international assignments arose, along with an opportunity to work in the UAE—a geographic closeness to home that made it an ideal choice.


2nd Phase

In 2009, our journey led us to the United Arab Emirates. There, I continued my technical professional odyssey within the realm of oilfield services, this time with another global powerhouse, Weatherford. During my tenure with the company, I experienced considerable success, marked by accolades and a steady rise in responsibilities and visibility.

Despite these accomplishments, a persistent yearning stirred within me. I felt a deep desire to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others. Questions regarding my own identity, life's purpose, and the significance of my existence arose regularly. I couldn't help but ponder whether life was meant to be more than merely marking the passage of years before fading into obscurity. What could I offer to the world beyond my immediate family?

In the whirlwind of life's rapid pace, these contemplations often lay dormant. However, it was when I made the decision to depart from my corporate role in the Oil and Gas Industry that I found the precious gift of time for introspection and reflection. This marked the inception of my entrepreneurial journey.

Swiftly, I immersed myself in the world of e-commerce, obtaining the necessary registrations and licenses to establish my online store.

3rd Phase

Running an online business was an exhilarating journey that pushed me to master the intricacies of social media and e-commerce. Success in the online marketplace, including platforms like Amazon, brought financial rewards, even surpassing my corporate income at one point. However, this venture was not without its challenges, which eventually led to its discontinuation.

During this period, my desire to make a meaningful impact on others remained unwavering. Inspired by my husband, who also serves as my yoga guide, I turned to meditation to find clarity. This practice not only calmed my mind but also allowed me to connect with my inner self.

Meditation, initially a struggle, gradually evolved into a source of focus and inspiration. With each session, I sought guidance from my higher self, silently chanting my intentions. It may sound unconventional, but during one of these meditative moments, I felt a whisper from within—Hypnotherapy.

Announcing my newfound path to my husband was met with surprise, but he stood by me, providing unwavering support. It felt like my inner calling, an unshakeable conviction, even though I had no external influences pushing me in this direction.

I embarked on my hypnotherapy journey, excelling in online classes and completing all six levels in a remarkable five months, far quicker than the usual year and a half. It felt as if the universe was aligning in my favor.

Becoming certified was just the beginning. Guided by an inner sense of purpose, I began offering my services, and through word of mouth, people started seeking my therapy. One of my early successes was helping a friend overcome a gluten allergy she had struggled with for 11 years. After just three sessions, she was free from her allergy and could savor her favorite foods without fear.

Since then, I've witnessed numerous transformations, both physical and psychological. From weight loss to building self-confidence, aiding in smoking cessation, and addressing public speaking anxieties, to releasing bad habits, trauma healing, and improving attention and focus—my journey has been marked by helping clients overcome a wide array of challenges.

I've assisted individuals with issues ranging from phobias, tinnitus, allergies, anxiety, stress, and thyroid imbalances to chronic pains, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. My commitment remains unwavering, with an open heart to address any issue my clients bring, free from judgment.


My journey towards acceptance was a challenging one. I encountered skeptical smirks on people's faces when I asserted that we are the creators of our own diseases.

Even my elder sister, a Senior Vice President at HSBC, openly ridiculed my path, questioning the purpose of my life and the value of my studies. My endeavors appeared to be in vain. But then, a twist of fate occurred. She booked an appointment with me, becoming my very first online client. I was uncertain; after all, she was my sister, and online therapy was uncharted territory for me. Nevertheless, I delved into the process.

The next day, she called me with astonishment in her voice. Whatever I had done had worked wonders; her cervical spondylitis pain, which had tormented her for the past three days, had vanished. My once-skeptical sister had become a believer. She completed a 21-day program with me, and today, she attests to her thyroid being under control and her skin radiating with newfound vitality.

This transformative experience prompted me to expand my practice online. While I'm based in Dubai, UAE, my clients now span the globe, hailing from the UK, USA, India, Singapore, and Australia. Whether through face-to-face or online therapy sessions, the results remain equally profound.

Driven by the desire to disseminate awareness about a science that yields only positive effects, I continued my journey. It's a science that straddles the realms of scientific rigor and metaphysical profundity. Sometimes, I'd attempt to employ logic and rationalize, but all that truly mattered was that my clients were experiencing profound improvements.

I vividly recall a client from Abu Dhabi, immobilized by slip disc issues, unable to rise from his bed. His lower back throbbed with pain, interwoven with marital strife, pushing him toward divorce. With just one session, a transformation occurred. He reclaimed his ability to work and took charge of his life once more. It felt nothing short of miraculous, and I understood that I was merely a conduit for the healing therapy.

Sreemanti Gijare

Journey Continues

I felt an irresistible calling to reach out and touch the lives of many. In today's digital age, I harnessed my social media prowess to launch my brand, HealingWithSree, across all platforms in just three days. What ensued was nothing short of extraordinary—an entirely organic and rapid growth. It became clear that my earlier foray into e-commerce was a crucial stepping stone, each experience a valuable lesson.

Drawing from my corporate background, I orchestrated corporate events that served as a conduit to connect with large, receptive audiences. Astonishingly, it felt as though the universe itself was orchestrating these opportunities, and all I had to do was ask.

The most profound transformation, however, was the one I experienced within myself. Amidst life's challenges and personal loss, I found an abiding sense of peace and a profound sense of purpose. I also witnessed remarkable physical changes. Having battled loneliness and hypertension, I had even experienced high blood pressure during my second pregnancy at 36.

As I embarked on my healing journey, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my blood pressure and a resolution of various minor issues. Despite practicing yoga, I had struggled for years to shed the last stubborn 5 kgs. But through the power of the subconscious mind and disciplined eating, I shed approximately 11 kgs and reached my ideal weight without succumbing to diets. This transformation resonated deeply with many, drawing in numerous individuals seeking to achieve their own weight loss goals.

Yet, the most gratifying moments came when I witnessed the transformation of my loved ones. My mother-in-law, who had suffered from Vaginitis for years, found relief in just a few sessions. My sister-in-law, a long-time snorer, and her family celebrated the complete disappearance of the issue. It was heartwarming to witness my relatives' skepticism and jests replaced with newfound respect and admiration.

My lifestyle underwent a profound shift—I left behind frivolous distractions, like Netflix, and began to fill my mind with meaningful experiences. My relationship with my 16-year-old daughter, once marked by challenges, was now one of understanding and connection. In short, I found myself in a profoundly positive space.

While I acknowledge that the journey ahead is long, it has never felt more meaningful and fulfilling. I fondly recall the joy of my first paycheck at Schlumberger, but nothing compares to the profound satisfaction of hearing someone say, "You made a difference in my life." With each client testimonial, my belief in my true purpose is reaffirmed, propelling me forward with unwavering determination and boundless impact.

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