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Sree has received accolades and honors that have come her way solely through organic, word-of-mouth recognition. The overwhelming appreciation she has received includes awards and features in newspapers.

This recognition is a testament to the impact of her work and the positive transformations she has facilitated in the lives of her clients. It reflects the genuine appreciation and gratitude of those who have experienced the profound benefits of her hypnotherapy and healing services.

These acknowledgments serve as a powerful testament to the effectiveness and value of her work, and they motivate her to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves.

Here are some of the awards and acknowledgments she has received, and she holds deep gratitude for each one.

1.Business and Professional Award April 2022 - Best Health Management Consultant.

2.Featured in MSME (Micro - small- Medium Enterprises) - Featured in Gulf New in the Wonderwoman Category 24th June 2022.

3.Featured in Gulf News for being the Best Health Management Consultant  14th June 2022.

4.Gulf Achievers Award  November 2022 - Best Clinical Healing Expert. Featured in the Gulf Achievers magazine March 2023.

5.Felicitated by Gulf Maharashtra Business Forum April 2022.

6.Voted as Wondermom award for best healer December 2022. Got Featured in the Wondermom magazine Jan-Feb edition 2023.

7.UAE Business Excellence Award in February 2023 - Best Inspire Leadership Award for Wellness.

8.UAE Women Achievers Award March 2023 - Best Healer Award.

9.World Humanity and Peace Award by Credent TV - 21st March 2023.

10.Featured yet again in MSME but this time for E-preneur Icon. And Got Featured in Gulf News 22nd June 2023.

11.Best E-preneur Icon - HealingWithSree 2023. Featured in Gulf News as a winner 27th June 2023.

12.Awarded the title of Outstanding Wellness Coaching Leader by UAE's Mastermind's Award 2023.

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