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How I Helped My Client Overcome Years of Constipation in Just a Few Sessions

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Constipation refers to the difficulty or infrequency in the passage of stools due to sluggish action of the bowels. Although "normal" bowel rhythm may vary from person to person, one thing is agreed: the condition is present when the passage of stools is difficult and the stools are dry and hard.

Girl in pain as she is unable to pass motion
My Client Overcome Years of Constipation

The primary function of the bowel is to evacuate what is no longer useful to the body. In metaphysical terms, optimal health hinges on the release of old ideas that are being carried around. Constipation also indicates lack of expression of one's ideas or feelings for fear of displeasing others, being "wrong," or risking the loss of something or someone.

If you are stingy or attached to material things, you probably have difficulty letting go physically as well. Constipation can occur when you feel you are being forced to part with your coveted time or money. When you do give of these things (out of guilt), it is not willingly and you would have preferred to hold on to them. Constipation can result from the stress brought on by an inability to let go of a past incident, which importance has since been exaggerated by dark thoughts or feelings of anger, frustration, suspicion, humiliation or jealousy.

In metaphysical terms constipation means optimal health hinges on the release of old ideas that are being carried around.Constipation can occur when you feel you are being forced to part with your coveted time or money. ”

My Client Overcome Years of Constipation:

My client Shweta(Name Changed), is 48 years old from UK and is extremely good artist. She was suffering from constipation for a very long time. Sometimes she would use laxative and sometimes without, but most times it would be very very difficult business in the morning and very stressful.

She would spent hours without getting much relief. And she would feel bloated the rest of the day.

With these pre-existing conditions she agrees to meet me hoping to get some respite from this daily ordeal.

When we start the session , it was clear that her solar chakra is blocked and when checked it was found to be fully blocked.

When we start the session, she finds herself in a garden and when she was just about 12 years old. She is in a playground near her house in Mumbai and it was evening time but she is the only one in the garden, which is quite strange given the fact that in india, parks never go empty, but it reflects her state of mind. So this inner child of hers is looking confused and even though we try to start a conversation with her and ask her what/why/where/ when etc etc, she fails to build trust with this little girl.

We follow her home, where she says, oh there are a lot of people. House is full, we do question did anyone say anything to her and she felt, bad? But no nothing. So the fact that there are a lot of people but she still looks confused and worried is the key feeling here.

We go to the next important moment of this little girl's' life and she finds herself sleeping in her bed with her little sister beside her. That's when she jerks up and starts fidgeting in her trance. The movement in her body tells me something is bothering her and she tells me, this uncle comes in and uses her hands to satisfy himself. She continues and pretends to sleep.

She is shocked and of course jolted. That's when we get the adult in and ask her to handle the situation in a much better and appropriate way and she decides to hit the uncle and save the little girl. She makes sure the little girl is safe and she then takes the courage to face uncle and show him his rightful place.

After this when we come out of trance, Shweta is in a disturbed state, I ask her is it possible for her to talk to uncle and just communicate that wasn't sleeping that day. she says that's not possible because he still happens to be her parents friend. And she hasn't ever spoken about her this trauma to anyone. Hence the park but empty and that confused worried look.

The little girl is now at peace having spoken up finally , but did this help my client get over constipation?

Yes the next few days she suffers from diarrhea kind of situation. But the issue of constipation continues until she takes action. She tells her husband the whole story and that was the first time she was sharing her trauma with someone she knows. Since then my client never had any constipation issue.

This is what she wrote to me : " Last few years I have had the constipation problem on and off. There were days when everything would be fine and then there were days where I struggled to have a motion no matter what I ate or drank. It would make me feel all bloated and uncomfortable. 

I mentioned this to Sree and she started the treatment. In about 2 sessions we were able to fix this problem. Initially it started with 2 motions a day. A few weeks since then I am back on my usual schedule of a motion first thing in the morning. I am not constipated anymore. 

Thanks Sree for your immense help with this."



certified clinical hypnotherapist

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