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The Importance of Treating Visible Upper Cervical Spine Disorders in Clients

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

My Italian Client from UAE came to me with a very specific issue. She always felt conscious of her curved posture. When the weather would be different like raining/sandstorms, or any bad weather would trigger a pain and she felt more conscious of her curved posture and she could feel her body getting tensed especially a heat like sensation in her neck region. She pointed out that especially driving in this difficult weather made matters worse for her. She would find driving difficult and she could feel more heat in her neck.

Visible Upper Cervical Spine Disorders in my client altered my hypnotherapy
Visible Upper Cervical Spine Disorders Reversed in my client by hypnotherapy

And she said a great outcome of the session would be if she could feel her back straight and could feel herself standing with confidence. My client has done a lot of work on herself. So, we knew we can work straight to the issue and wait for an outcome.

"She pointed out that especially driving in this difficult weather made matters worse for her. She would find driving difficult and she could feel more heat in her neck."

Upper Cervical Spine Disorder Story.

We began the session with aura exploration, and she straight away went into a trance like state.

She could see her body aura and she felt it to be soft yellow but with patches of purple, spots of green here and there. And we extracted the colors into separate chambers, the purple she said didn’t belong to her, but her mom and she went to a scene when she was 2 years old, and her mom was screaming at her for not finishing her food. She pointed that her parents were going through a separation phase and mum would take out all her frustration on her. Poor Alexa (name changed) didn’t want to eat her meat because she found it chewy, and she tried her best to explain to mum, but mum wouldn’t understand neither did she want to try because herself had so much in her plate. She keeps on crying and mum would simply shout and scream. And Alexa felt crushed and pushed down. She later confirmed to me that she always felt that she is doing gymnastic, and she felt someone is crushing shoving and pushing her down on the mat. She had these vivid dreams all the time up until she was big.

The screaming episode of mum shouting at young Alexa was intervened by adult Alexa, she explained to mum that she found the food chewy, and she made her mum understand. If only you can try to listen Mum what little Alexa is saying. She urged her mum. She doesn’t eat because she doesn’t like the food. Mum had her own issues. And she gets it but all this is having a toll on her and she can feel the burden on her shoulders and she is smashed and suppressed. She felt pressured. At this point mum started to see the issue with her child and Alexa was ready for energy exchange and they did. And she felt better and more forgiving towards her mum.

At this point we did a circle session, and we invited all the Alexas who had similar issues with mum and thousands entered the room of all different ages. Youngest being 2 years and oldest being 43-year-old. They all had the issue with feeling smashed and pressured by mum all the time, even during the sessions she could feel it in her shoulders. We arranged them in circle youngest on the left and oldest on right and Alexa said it was one huge circle with each age had radiating Alexas and all wanted help. We invited a futuristic Alexa who had worked with mum and has resolved all the Inner Child issues and 44-year-old confident Alexa walked in with back straight and erect and a perfect gait.

She was ready to provide the soul power to heal all the sufferings and insecurities and pressured Alexa of all different ages. And with that yellow light moving clockwise all the inner children of Alexa, started letting go this feeling of pressure and smashed and the purple light moving anticlockwise on the top was absorbing everything. And the yellow light moved faster and faster and tighter and tighter till it collapsed, and all the inner traumatized Inner Children of Alexa collapsed and got absorbed in the current Alexa of 43 years old and the 44-year-old futuristic Alexa was there and current Alexa merged on to her. This was a very powerful circle session for the client, who had so many Inner Child done on herself before.

After this my client was ready to move on to tackle the next color in her aura – Green patches and she said it belonged to her husband. She went back in time when she was 24 on the eve of her marriage. When she felt sad and lonely as she didn’t have her family with her for her marriage. And her husband just went crazy and started throwing his weight around instead of being sympathetic and that really froze Alexa and she was traumatized and she could feel the pain again in her neck and shoulders.

Current Alexa came to the rescue of this new bride to be. She spoke to her would be husband and in fact gave him a slap to bring his craziness down and look at her point of view. This gave her immense peace of mind and 24-year-old felt more at peace after this. She explained to her husband that so much drama was not needed, all she needed was hug and support.

She did energy exchange with her husband and the young Alexa was happy and was more at peace with herself and her situation and was ready to integrate with 43 years old Alexa.

We checked her Aura back and after this it was glowing in a beautiful light yellow.

My client wrote this to me after two days.

“I came to see Sree about my upper back, as for many years I felt self-conscious about my curved posture, Sree beautifully guided me to unfold some very deep issues I wasn’t aware of, and 2 days post therapy with her, I feel as though there is a stick holding my neck side straight! I am very grateful to Sree for how she applies her knowledge and passion into her work! Thank you Sree for your precious help 🙏”


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