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Spiritual Awakening

Updated: May 29

My Client – Shreya from Dubai. The whole story is written by her.

she describes her entire journey of 2 years in simple yet honest way which touches the innermost chord of that string which connects us to our Divine Self.

I have not added any frills to it. just her wording...Its nothing less than a symphony.

Ray of light
Spiritual Awakening


The name that strikes my brain when I'm stuck in a social or emotional blockage. I have known Sree since almost two years.

My first session began with a lot of hesitation. I was uncomfortable as I didn't know how to explain my mental and emotional suffocation to her but as we started speaking, she understood me and before I knew, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I finally had someone who understood my pain and validated it. She accepted me and we did our first session. After the session, I felt energised and I was able to forgive people and that healed me and helped me to move on. This gave me a fresh start with positivity.

I have been evolving in my spiritual life and I was shaky amd doubtful all the time and felt like I was moving all the time. I felt there was a message coming but I wasn't sure of what it was and how to approach it. I approached Sreemanti and she figured out what it could be immediately and we did another session. This session was magical as it was a message for a friend who had lost her family members and was holding onto them (their energies) with anger, loneliness and pain. In the session, Sree helped me release their energies. The people I saw in my trans state had a message for their daughter/sister. I was told to pass on their message to her.

It might sound surreal but when I called her hesitantly to pass on the message from her deceased family members, she told me that she had been waiting to know why they weren't connecting with her directly and that she was holding grudges against them bcoz they left this world early. And the message I passed on to her was the message she needed to hear. After she received their message and accepted it very well, she was able to release their energies and saw them leave peacefully afterwards. It was an unbelievable experience for me that how I was approached for passing a message and on the other side she was waiting for a message and since then I don't doubt these super natural experiences.

I was fine and a year passed by. I started feeling brain fogging and didn't quiet understand what was happening. I requested for a session with Sree. We did the session successfully and my brain was less foggy. This is when I expressed my spiritual experiences and blockages with Sree and she suggested we do a session on connecting with my higher self and seek my answers. I was little overwhelmed on the day of the session. The least did I know that it's going to be the most magical moment of my life. I don't have words to describe what I felt. But, I must tell you, it wasn't an ordinary experience. I had many questions about my spiritual journey. And they all got answered in a very clear message. With Sree's guidance I have found which path to follow for my spiritual growth. One message that I have been given is to share my experiences with Him with everyone. I'll try to do that as and when I receive messages.

Today's message was- when you are able to connect to Him (your higher self or source of energy) nothing else matters. "It just doesn't matter". If you want to grow spiritually then nothing should matter more than that. And you have to do what you must do to fulfill your duties here in this material world. But your spirituality grows simultaneously. Enjoy your journey 🙏🏻

This was like Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Awakening

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