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Exploring the Possibility of Organ Regeneration: The Case of Ovarian Cysts

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

My Indian client Roshni(name changed) 42 years of age is from UAE. She is very self-aware, a corporate lady, a yoga practitioner and a fitness enthusiast. She contacted me in January when wishing me happy new year and told me that she needs to see for something urgent as this bothering her too much.

She has been diagnosed with a cyst in her left ovary ~ 7.7cm and doctor has suggested her surgery. She told me this all happened around the month of December, her Sister-In-Law was visiting them from USA and life had been too hectic for her. But the thought of surgery did make her heart sink and she was of course feeling low about all this health issue.

7.7cm cyst in ovary was dissolved
7.7cm cyst in ovary was dissolved

On 7th January, she came to see me, and I suggested “Organ Regeneration”. She surrendered, she said anything. I just don’t want to go through this surgery.

"When we started Organ Regeneration in a hypnotic trance state, she became her own energy surgeon. "

Organ Regeneration – CYST in OVARY- How it formed!!:

She could clearly see all aspects of her ovary. She said her left ovary is slightly bulged to right as if it is carrying something heavy inside. and the covering of the ovary is looking thinner because of all that bulge of an extra load inside. When asked how much percentage of her ovary was functioning at that point, she said about 34%. She also mentioned a blockage on the left side of the fallopian tube thick blood clots on the mouth of the ovary and there are some blood clots inside the cyst as well. After making all these observations, she set out to work as a surgeon.

She took out all the instruments she needed for this operation in her operation theater, and she was completely prepared to take whatever was blocking and also remove cyst completely.

When everything was ready, and she was ready she started the operation. She made a small cut and drained out the cyst completely using a vacuum and she scraped out also the blockage in the mouth of the ovary and what about blood clots were also there she removed all of it. She kept all of these aside in separate chambers. When do all the blocks and clots were removed and also the cyst was drained show observed the functioning of her ovaries and she found it was now functioning properly.

She now was ready to observe what were these collections in her ovary. On proper studying she found out they were dark brown in color even the blood clots were dark brown.

First we wanted to see what was this first from the mouth of the ovary which was blocking the Fallopian tube. the collection was also dark brown. When I inquired who does this belong to she promptly replied it's mine. When I asked her which part of her? In trans-like state, she told me I can see myself in the year 2009. I'm in loads of physical trauma at this point I see myself crying and yelling for help. I just had my miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy and I'm feeling so lost and completely drained out. She could also see her husband beside her he was also in tears as he was unable to help her . She also mentioned but she can see her doctor and she's certainly not nice very less patient for her. The doctor has just mentioned as everything is not coming out and I’m in pain let's do D&C procedure and clean out quickly. And while the D&C procedures on she can see herself getting bruised slightly by the doctor’s rough hands. But after the procedure of course she gets normal in some time but that physical trauma in an ovary was too much for her.

We work on this 29-year-old physically traumatized and hurt Roshni. she found herself very vulnerable and in too much pain. The miscarriage was also too much emotionally draining being her first pregnancy. As we are working on her she exclaims loudly “Oh my God is there some connection as my sister-in-law had just visited us before and She really drove me crazy and after she left I had my miscarriage. And now this time also she just left and here I am with my ovary pain again” this was like an AHA moment for her.

Ovary, which is our seat of creativity, every time it triggers Creativity was questioned when she was pushed in directions not to her liking. Her sister-in-law made her go nuts every time. Whenever she would visit what the fact that she's coming to visit would trigger this and now she realized it fully. She realized that she must take her powers back from her sister-in-law and she does it. This time with full awareness she does this energy exchange with her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law is a kind soul herself and she didn't know that she had this impact on her. She quickly apologized and all was good and sorted between the two of them energetically. The 29-year-old was in peace right now and she happily integrated back in my client of today 42 years of age.

We worked now on the cyst contents. dark brown in color and it had some clots. When asks does it belong to you? She quickly said no it doesn't belong to me. It belongs to my female manager Cynthia.

What percentage does belong to her I asked her quickly?

And she tells me just 10%. Roshni added 50% belongs to my husband and 40% belongs to my mother in law. we started to work on each of these percentages.

Stating with the 10% which belonged to her manager Cynthia. When she was in a project with her manager where she was supposed to work only three days, but her manager made her work for the entire week she pushed her hard. She had only allotted three days of the week to her with the amount of work she made her do that took a toll on her. My manager isn't fair. That's not the way to treat people. Roshni says I know she's a good person in heart, but she did have a huge impact on my creativity and my thought process. She really pushed me hard. When she identified this issue, it was easy to do a hypnodrama with her manager Cynthia energy exchange helped resolve the issue between the two. This was 2018 when she was about 39.

Next, she worked with her husband this was 2013 when they had a very bad fight. She had just delivered her first baby and she was feeling postpartum blues and she was not getting the right support from her husband the way she was expecting. She left the house and just went in a taxi just to calm herself down and when she came back, she did have a good conversation with her husband and sorted the issues. But that 33-year-old Roshni needed to resolve completely her issues with her husband, and we just did that in a beautiful hynodrama.

And finally, we worked on the last part which belonged to her mother-in-law it was 2011, She was pregnant, and they had just moved house. And she was doing everything on her own in fact the bed was not there, and she was very scared to sleep on the ground given the fact that she had a miscarriage before she was extra cautious but strangely no one seemed to be bothered by it that she was sleeping on the floor especially her mother-in-law who continued to sleep on the bed. This indifference from her mother-in-law broke her heart she was shocked surprised and scared. This 31-year-old was given all the support she needed by the adult of today and a proper hypnodrama with mother-in-law helped. Proper integration of all these hurt inner children 31,33, 39 as well as the 29-year-old helped her to get in peace with herself and accept herself fully.

After the session she promised to do everything that I guided her for the next 21 days and beyond. She said I will go for scan in March, and I told her that gives you enough time to work on yourself. But her doctor told her you need to go and make yourself acquainted with a doctor who's going to do your surgery and so she went to see her surgeon. And she wasn't prepared for the scan on 31st of January 2022. But it was a Doctor who went into shock because she kept on scanning and scanning, and she couldn't find the 7.7 cm of cyst. This was completely now become insignificant at 2.3, and no surgery was needed now. My client was ecstatic.

She wrote to me this” I did an "Organ Regeneration" session with Sree last month when I was diagnosed with a 7.7 cm cyst in my left ovary, I was advised surgery. I practiced her instructions for 21 days and beyond and always kept my mind focused on what she had implanted in my deeper subconscious on January 7th. I went for my scan on 31st January and the cyst has reduced to size 2.3' cm and doctor said it is now insignificant. God's grace comes in various ways and through various means. Sree is a guide and a mentor to keep me on track. Her biggest strength is that she is with you 100%, no concern is a small concern for her, and she understands what no one else will. There are blessings coming to us in many ways and she is one of them :)"

Though it was anonymous post, my client said please share my number personally with anyone you feel wants to contact me to understand the process and my experience I'll be happy to do so. And for that gesture I'm so grateful to her and of course the universe to bestow her this good health upon her.

Sreemanti Gijare


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist

Client Feedback
Client Feedback

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