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My esteemed client of 47 years, an illustrious captain based in UAE came to see me after he saw changes in his wife as she was also consulting me for some of her issues. He said he just wants a holistic healing for improving and bettering his life. He didn’t come with any issues as such but said I do suffer from indigestion, shoulder pain and frequent headaches. His frozen right shoulder was very painful to move and he had been to several therapies before but nothing worked. He wasn’t expecting hypnotherapy to work either but he wanted to give this a shot but he had zero expectations.

"His frozen right shoulder was very painful to move and he had been to several therapies before but nothing worked. He wasn’t expecting hypnotherapy to work either but he wanted to give this a shot but he had zero expectations."


We start with the blocks and see some blocks on the chakras and we start immediately to open it. Major blocks in Root, Solar and Third eye and my client understands start working on the regime given.

In energy clearing he sees his uncle aunty who have lots of hopes on him and he feels burdened to fulfill them as he has his own parents and own responsibilities and this unnecessary load he was carrying on his shoulder for way to long.

On our 3rd session which was scheduled he called me 2 days before and said I really want a session now as something bad happened at workplace and I need some understanding and clarity and wanted to come as soon as possible and I could slot him next day morning at 8 am, thinking he might not come if that’s early but sure enough he was there at 8 am sharp.

So we start working and this time for clarity I ask him to lets work on Higher Self. As about all questions and doubts he has its best answered by the Super Consciousness. And we proceed and what happened next is something even I have not experienced before. Though I have done this kind of sessions before but the experience my client went through also made me “kind of jealous” as to wow wish I could have experienced what he did. He had an out of body experience. He felt ONENESS. He could feel everything communicating to him. Even the ants. I had doubts as this real but then he started stating something which made me believe in him

He not only got his answers to questions he had, but he felt his body was getting rejuvenated. He said my body feels like that of a 25 year old. His frozen shoulder had full mobility. My very silent and shy client was blabbering.

He said this is was ecstasy is. He said it is far better than even sex. He remembered every word he was saying. And even does now. After coming out of the session he still felt connected to his spiritual self and he was simply flowing in love. I had my next client waiting and I didn’t want him to drive in a state of ecstasy and that’s the first time I Involved my husband who happened to be home to drive him home as he didn’t leave far.

I told him to pen down his thoughts and he did and its really noteworthy. Putting down here.

Amazing Experience: During my third session with Sree, I experienced something which was so Divine, amazing, and exceptional.

It is very hard to put down my experience in words, but I'll give it a try. During the session Sree led me into my thoughts and visions, and suddenly I felt that I had left my physical body and I was floating in air, I was full of energy (So much energy which I was finding difficult to handle), Though I was wide awake and could see and feel everything around me, I was not my usual self. I was getting visions and thoughts in my head which were totally unexplainable, like I was talking non stop and I was saying things which I had no idea about, I told Sree that there is rat in their garden and its bothering her Husband, I told her that her dog has a tumor in his stomach, which I have cured and the dog will be fine after he has done his evening business, which to my surprise Sree and her husband confirmed the next day. Sree's husband confirmed the presence of rat (and I had never met Sree's husband before), which even Sree was not aware of.

The dog did not eat anything the next day, after I told her about his tumor, and he was fine after he had pooped (which was also much more than his usual habit). There were many other visions which I had and shared with Sree, which I really don't expect anyone

to believe as it was an unbelievable and exceptional experience. I felt so good, contented and elevated, which I had never felt before. But it was too much for me to handle and I was requesting Sree to bring me back to my physical body. This whole state lasted for good 30-45 mins.

I want to experience it again and I hope I do with Sree's help. And I really do not expect anyone to believe me as I wouldn't believe it, if I read it somewhere. This can only be experienced and not explained.

Thanks you Sree.”

My client’s frozen shoulder is completely healed. He further writes his overall experience. “Hi, My wife was consulting Sree's and that's how I met Sree. Listening and seeing what my Wife had experienced with Sree, I also consulted Sree for my indigestion, shoulder pain and headaches. After 3 sessions I realized my headaches were gone, even though I was going through a very tough time in my professional life, I never felt tensed, or worried, I had no headaches and life was cool as ever. I also realized that my shoulder pain was much better and I could now move my arm more freely. My indigestion problem was also resolved. But the best part was that I was growing in self confidence, I was positive, and energetic.

My relationship with my wife and family was much better, I was able to express myself to them and was able to understand their position. Thank you Sree for your help and guidance.”

Sreemanti Gijare

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist.


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