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Uncovering the Source of Congenital Neck Pain through Past Life Regression Therapy

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Congenital upper neck disorders are those present at birth, and include achondroplasia, chiari malformation, syringomyelia, and atlantoaxial instability.

lady with Congenital Neck Pain
Congenital Neck Pain

My young client was suffering for years, from the day she was born.

“Her neck movement to the left side is restricted beyond a certain degree and of course she had tried several things before me. And she thought that with this disability she has to live with the rest of her life. .”

Congenital Neck Pain Recovery Story.

My client from USA is 25 years old, an amazing person and in her final year of studying medicine when she meets me. She points out the various issues she wants me to work on are Anxiety, Skin acne and keratosis pilaris and neck stiffness which she states is congenital. Her movement to the left side is restricted beyond a certain degree and of course she had tried several things before me. And she thought that with this disability she has to live with the rest of her life.

When we started working like an onion peeling, we saw the changes occurring in her. From Signature change(graphology), chakra balancing she starts to see little change in her focus levels and we continue working. Every week we would meet, sometimes twice in a week as she was on vacation and would have to go back to university, she booked 6 sessions with me. Being a doctor herself I thought we will have some ideas clashing but we both sync in well and work harmoniously. Though she would point out quickly when something would work on her and something wont.

In her Inner Child work and Void work she found herself relieved a lot more and her anxiety levels were much better and starts to make her more in control.

In her 6th session we went into a past life regression. Though initially we had agreed to work on stiff neck, on that day she mentioned that I would rather work on why I’m feeling so scattered because I am going back to university next week and I would need full focus. We agreed to work on that lack of focus and scattered feeling.

Using the spirit guide route, she lands in a life of a woman in the era of 1860’s somewhere as native American. She is married but she finds herself brutally whipped by her husband every now and then for disobeying or not listening to him. And she would be SHATTERED and SCATTERED every time, but had no guts nor strength to leave him. This would be a normal routine of every month or so. In the trance she states that whipping made her more scattered. She had an annoying judging criticizing Mother-in-Law, who visited them often. They had a baby but they had lost the baby when he just 2 years to a disease. Going ahead we saw that lady was brutally harassed by husband very often and all his frustrations he would take out on her physically.

She lives on to 80 years and finally dies while choking on a blue drink served by her servant. Her husband was dead by then. We try to see if there’s any foul play but there was none. The drink entered her wind pipe instead of her esophagus and she chokes and that point when she straining and twisting her neck gets hurt badly. And her dying thoughts were I’m not going to make it. But she was happy to go in the end, but she did have several moments of choice in that lifetime.

As young lady she had 2 suitors. She wanted to marry one but family pushed her for the 2nd choice. And she couldn’t make her mind and finally when she went to work away from family, she met her husband and she married him but her choice was wrong and she feels if she would have stuck to her first-choice things would have been different. And if she would have left family before that would have been better, but she regretted not uniting with family after, ever.

In this story though simple I feel the major work was the after work of energy exchanges and proper closures with all characters that helped. Especially with her husband and each trashing and beating she collected herself and her scatteredness.

From the place of overview my client did energy exchange with Husband, Infant child and mother-in-law. We also worked with the estranged parents and the two suitors.

The trick which worked for the stiff neck was a proper restoration of that body which died of choking. The neck was fixed and all cellular memories were released. In the trance state she started moving her neck to check if the stiffness is gone and to her surprise her neck was free. But I told her to recheck few more times later and next day in conscious state.

My client is usually not so verbose, but the next morning she was all excited because now she was ABLE TO MOVE HER NECK BEYOND THAT LIMIT POINT. She was thrilled.

And finally, she wrote to me her experience of all these sessions.

“Hi Sree, ever since the last session I feel great. My stiff neck that has been there forever has finally gotten better. I can turn all the way which I couldn't do before. My anxiety and mood swings have significantly reduced and I feel a lot more focused. As I mentioned before, my acne and dark spots has reduced as well.”

I feel so happy and elated for her. She says “I am also assuming that the stiff side will loosen up more over time. Though I am able to turn all the way, there is a bit of resistance” and I remind her don’t forget that you are doing this for first time. So just relax and so will the neck.

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