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Overcoming the Lasting Effects of Childhood Trauma: Coping with the Impact of Molestation

Updated: May 29

My Client – Nitu from Singapore was very distressed when she met me. She is a young mom of 2 twin daughters but she mentioned I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I am tearing up every now and then. I feel very anxious and heavy all the time. She mentioned that she did have some childhood trauma – her elder sister was a bully and dad had a bad temper. And that’s about it.

As we started our sessions it came out that she has had one extremely difficult year in her adulthood when she and her husband (then boyfriend) called it quits for a year because it was difficult for a long-distance relationship to work.

Innocent girl
Childhood Trauma - Molestation

"She mentioned that she did have some childhood trauma – her elder sister was a bully and dad had a bad temper. And that’s about it."

That one year she had bottled up many many emotions which we worked slowly out. She started feeling a lot lighter and better but there was a BIG missing piece still. Her conscious mind was aware of this trauma and she was trying her best to overcome that with all the good moments of her present moment.

In consecutive sessions her inner wounds of very difficult pregnancy trauma and several failed IVFs was step by step healed. She stated that she had her twins through surrogacy. She stated her sex life was hardly there and she was just in her 30s. Earlier she felt that maybe its because of the difficult one year of separation with her husband which caused this extreme trauma in her.

Any amount of healing on that was not really helping and we would be back to feeling sad. When in the fourth session we did an inner child issue and that was where we found the crux of this puzzle and since then my client has shown a tremendous improvement in her approach towards life.

She saw herself when she was six years old. She and her 3 friends were in the building lift and a middle-aged man entered and started flashing at them. It was a very traumatic incident for her and her friends and we did a lot of energy work and hypno drama to undue the pain and trauma.

I was still unable to believe that such an incident could have such a massive impact.

Then my client started to tremble in pain in the session. She went back to when she was just two years old. The memories were very faint and she didn’t remember it fully but she started feeling like a surge all of a sudden with a lot of pain in her private area. She was just 2 when she was raped several times by the househelp boy in her grandma’s house and this was happening for quite some time for more than a month and she being a small child had no understanding but she felt the pangs of it and her body started to release all her stored emotions. This explained why she had no sex drive or never enjoyed it and even her ovaries were not equipped to ovulate and have babies – hence the surrogacy and why did IVFs fail. Her misery stopped when one fine day her grand ma discovered and the househelp was fired. But being small nobody gave much attention to her and her trauma.

These traumatic incidents had such a huge impact on her that she would cry sometimes without knowing why she is crying. As she had no memories of it in her conscious state.

After this session all of this stopped.

Infact my client mentioned that for the first time ever she is enjoying her private moments with her husband.

She writes her feedback to me.” Before therapy - I was feeling very anxious and nervous, there was a sense of unrest in me. My whole body would feel very tensed and stressed pretty much all the time. I would get panic or flustered very fast too.

After the 4th session - I feel much more relaxed and in control of my body and mind. I feel at peace within and now I know much better how to handle stressful situations without thinking negatively about it or not to dwell too much into it. The sessions helped me to get some sort of closures to my past experiences as well which probably bothered me in my subconscious mind. It helped me to believe that we need to protect our energy and think more positively. The sessions are very calming and is an experiential journey which will stay with me forever. It helps me cope with adverse situations in life and the chants which were given to me by Sree, to balance my chakras plays automatically in my mind whenever there’s a stressful time in my life; and this further helps me to keep anxiety away.”



Client Feedback
Client Feedback

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