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"Breaking Free from Gluten Allergy: A Personal Recount of Overcoming Gluten Allergy from a client"

Updated: May 29

Celiac disease, sometimes called celiac sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropathy, is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. If you have celiac disease, eating gluten triggers an immune response in your small intestine. Gluten Allergy or any allergy for that matter is your body's defense mechanism against a trauma in life, which the subconscious mind still remembers and triggers with that food.

Gluten Bread
Breaking Free from Gluten: A Personal Recount of Overcoming Gluten Allergy from a client

My Client had been hospitalized twice for consuming gluten, such was the severity of her allergy. Even daal (lentil) she cannot have made by others because that contains heeng (asafoetida) and heeng has portion of wheat. So even a pinch of gluten would create havoc in her life.” this is Gluten Allergy Reversal story : A Personal Journey to Overcoming Gluten Allergy of my client

Breaking Free from Gluten Allergy: A Personal Recount of Overcoming Gluten Allergy from a client

Wheat allergy occurs when your body produces antibodies to proteins found in wheat. In celiac disease, a specific protein in wheat — gluten — causes a different kind of abnormal immune system reaction.

Gluten Allergy Reversal Story

My Client from USA, San Diego is 42 years of age. She is a renowned kathak dancer and travels the whole of USA doing her shows and she has 100+ students globally at this point but she has trained more than 1000+ students.

My client – Radhika (Name Changed) She had gluten allergy for a very very long time. She can’t recall when it all started. But she remembers feeling uneasy even when she was small. But since last 7 years it was NO GLUTEN for her at all. She had been hospitalized twice for consuming gluten, such was the severity of her allergy. Even daal (lentil) she cannot have made by others because that contains heeng (asafoetida) and heeng has portion of wheat. So even a pinch of gluten would create havoc in her life. When she would consume by mistake she would have severe bowel syndrome, headaches and sometime migraine too. So, she decided to stay away from gluten and she was until she met me.

She wanted me to work on her gluten allergy but she wasn’t hopeful at all. She has gone through several healing modalities, though not specifically for this but she reports that it did made her feel good for sometime, but her issues were never resolved. So with zero expectation we started the session.

So I use the cloud technique, so that we can connect and explore to where it all began and when she lands she finds herself in a village, wearing lengha choli orangish in color and green dupatta covering her head. Around the same time, she sees a dance class. And at this point I start to explore the link between the two because why else will these images come, there has to be a correlation.

But we fail to establish any connection at all. My client gets confused and keeps telling but why is the modern dance class in a rural area…we go about for 15minutes trying to establish some connection, but we fail miserably to the point she loses both the images.

At this point we start again by inviting the middle-aged rural lady and my client confirms yes its her only. She feels like me is what she says. We move ahead in that life of this rural lady. Who next enters her small cottage and starts making evening food for all. She is the female head of the house, she two sisters-in-law who help her and there many kids in the family and there are 4 men in the family including her husband, his two brothers and father-in-law. She happens to be the best cook among all and whatever she prepares people consume it heartily and happily. Next few scenes are exact replica, she prepares, and others eat.

When nothing major happens, we move to the last day of her life and she finds herself in her deathbed. She sees that her humble home is slightly modified, and she sees herself in bed which were not there before. She sees herself dying of old age, and nothing happens till I ask her of her dying thoughts. She reveals that she wants to have a Roti (Wheat Bread) and hopes her family will feed her. She explains that the reason she wants to have a roti is because in her entire lifetime she never had a full meal. She made a lot of food but all was consumed by her family and female lot would sit later to eat and she was the last one to eat, she would make do with whatever little is left. Next day she would make it a point to make more but still she would have very little to eat in the end. In her death bed, she asks for the Roti but unfortunately she dies before having it, in fact her family knowing she is about to die don’t even try to make one. So, her wish goes unfulfilled. Entire life she made food for others and once she asks for herself, it goes unfulfilled. All the rituals of repairing body and registering her death and her family members is all done. All protocols were followed, and she didn’t have a moment of choice she claims to have lived that life differently. She was always taken for granted but she was sad that even her dying wish wasn’t fulfilled.

When we explore when did this past life get triggered in her current life- she exclaims “that dance class which popped in the beginning is her dance class of current life when she was 10 years old” she sees herself finishing her dance class and returning home. She saw herself entering her home and saw her entire family – mother father, brother sister all at the dining table. She finishes her dinner of the same amount of food but today she feels extra hungry and asks for one more roti, her mom says that rotis are over, if she is still that hungry, she will make the dough and role out rotis for her. If not, she can make do with whatever is remaining. And little Radhika agrees to make do with whatever is left. That was time the Inner Child was triggered. My client has no idea when she started to have gluten allergy but looks like it got triggered that point. Inner children healing and integration was all done.

When my client got up after the session – she laughed and said “you know what one theme is common to that life. I am a great cook. I cook for 300 people at a time now, but I don’t eat myself”

I asked her to repeat this above sentence 5 times- and she realized the significance. In this lifetime when she is abundant and she still continues that life where she is making for others but not eating herself. And that was it. The bridge was collapsed. So was gluten allergy.

After exactly 1 week this is what she wrote to me.

“This past week has been nothing short of fantastic. The reason being-I’m NOT GLUTEN ALLERGIC anymore.

It was about 7 years ago, and I stopped eating anything that had Gluten in it.

With that my migraines disappeared. About 3 months later I tried Gluten & I got really sick. I didn't eat Gluten for 6 months and then tried a little again and this time I was sick like a dog and was hospitalized. I realized that my head aches had gone away but my sensitivity had increased. In the past 7 years, there were episodes when I had eaten Gluten by mistake e.g in Heeng or In dhokla made from a mix, and that had gotten me really sick- headaches, Vomiting, diarrhea.

After I started my sessions with Sree, Last week she asked me to give Gluten a try and I did. I started with a small chapati, next day 2 chapatis. So, this whole week I have been eating Gluten in one form or the other and I am extremely happy to say that I didn't get sick at all. There were 0 symptoms. I am over the moon, and I can't wait to eat all my fav foods.

Thanks Sree for your immense help with this.”

My client allowed FB tag, wrote reviews to me on all my social media. I am immensely grateful to her for her trust. Though she had extremely bad episodes of gluten intake she took the leap of faith and had gluten when I requested her to.

My client now is savoring all her favorite food with no symptom or pain. She went for a samosa party with her students who are ecstatic to find that their teacher is no longer allergic. Her parents, her family and she herself is elated. She tells me later that she doesn’t recall this past life at all when I discuss certain nuances of that Past Life.

Apart from parallel realities, the fact the subconscious brought up two images associated with the gluten allergy one pertaining to current and the other to past life which is so precise and accurate is mind boggling. I also established another learning, when a bridge is collapsed or healed, the memory or pain associated with it is also goes.

Breaking Free from Gluten Allergy: A Personal Recount of Overcoming Gluten Allergy from a client

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