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The Dark Art of Reversing Black Magic: A Guide for Protection and Healing

Updated: May 29

My Client - Shivani (name changed) from Netherlands was 37 years of age. A young married lady but had so far gone through two miscarriages and she was felling very low and down. She wanted to see me to know some answers and also to find the reason for her sufferings. She realized that she has been suffering for sometime now and all medical reports validates her weak physical status and now as she contacted me she was mentally feeling very low too.

Black Magic - Reversed:
Black Magic - Reversed:

"She realized that she has been suffering for sometime now and all medical reports validates her weak physical status and now as she contacted me she was mentally feeling very low too."

I usually ask my client to pen down why they are seeing me and she writes down 62 issues that she was going through. Clearly, she was in the verge of collapse and wanted some guidance and she pinned her hope on me. But do all clients get a healing? My intention is they come out of all their problems as we move ahead step by step but actually the healing journey is totally dependent on the client’s baggage and the choices that they make.

Shivani starts her healing journey with chakra balancing session. And as we proceed we register several blocks on several of the chakras but the most striking one which was negative was that of throat chakra.

And I enquired Shivani if she has thyroid issues, and she quickly stated that she never had. I usually never tell my clients to medically validate unless we have worked on the openings because and we are here to open the chakras and let the energy flow but Shivani was hypochondriac and as if she was in a journey of finding faults with herself. She got her thyroid checked the very next day and to her utter dismay and surprise it came in the reports that she did have hypothyroid. And her list of 62 issues now was in ticking up in 63. She felt more dejected and sadder but somehow her confidence in me was more, that was encouraging as we proceed.

She quickly wrote her feedback “Last week I had my first session with Sree. It was chakra balancing and alignment session and Sree mentioned to me that there is some thyroid issue as she observed some blockage in my throat chakra.

But I did not know at that time.

In a few days I had my blood test results which showed hypothyroidism.

and I was surprised to know I did have the issue when it was mentioned by Sree and I had no clue.

I am positive as we progress in the sessions I will come out of this along with other issues that we are working on.

Very hopeful. 🤞”

Next session was one of the most bizarre sessions I have witnessed so far. My client in her hypnotic trance saw many energies in her space. One particular energy was in her space and they identified themselves as soul slaves and they were working to destroy everything in Shivani’s life. Who was behind all this and Shivani saw a tantrik walking in her space. She says that she has never met him. And it was dilemma for me. But I kept on the detective hat to get more clues and the tantric showed her the picture of her ex-boyfriend. For me it was easy to do the math’s now. So the ex-boyfriend is the one who must have hired the tantrik to do black magic on Shivani. But sometimes stories take a complex turn and this story did when the Tantrik claimed that it was not her boyfriend but Shivani who tried black magic. At this point Shivani breaks down in tears and accepts that she did give money to her colleague to give to a Tantrik so that he can do black magic to get her boyfriend back.

But the black magic didn’t work on her boyfriend but boomeranged to her.

And since then those soul slaves from the black magic have created havoc in her life. Shivani would be in constant pain-constipation, gut issues, digestion issues and chronic back pain, neck pain and even her two miscarriages.

Most of it was psychosomatic and even it seems the miscarriages were a reason for these negative energies in her space. We tried releasing that black magic and every other negative energy in her space.

We did a few more sessions and after each session Shivani would feel great for 3/4 days but after that she would go back to her pains. And we would discover more negative energies. Shivani had been a negative energy magnet and these would be released and new ones to be discovered.

We had to move to higher self to understand her journey and the reason of so much pain. Higher Self It's the non-material dimension of you (some call it a soul or spirit) that's part of the cosmic or celestial whole which knows the soul purpose and journey and in this case can throw some light on the pain and sufferings.

Shivani found this session the most relaxing and soul settling. In this session she could clearly see one thing flashing at her “Suffer More”.

“Suffer you must for now. Kids you will have later but for now you have to suffer more” Black magic effect is gone but she kept on seeing the “red planet” Indicating her origin and it actually detailed out for more sufferings for her.

She also got guidance to not to question these sufferings. Body pain and aches will go in 6/7 months and slowly you will come out of this misery. And she did get her pain reduced. She also got guidance that her dad’s surgery would go well in spite of all complications and it did.

My client is now pregnant(been a year since this higher self session- Nov 2021), now in her 8th month of pregnancy and things are moving as the higher self-had communicated.

Do all clients get better after hypnotherapy sessions or after going to subconscious mind. Not every story has an immediate happy ending. But there’s definitely an awareness which comes to play as you go deep into your own subconscious space. There’s an immense evolution and soul awareness.

Shivani has higher awareness levels and understands her actions were retaliating back and she realized her mistake/guilt and with all awareness she moves ahead asking for forgiveness and love.



Client Feedback
Client Feedback

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