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 In the image, Sreemanti Gijare, recognized as UAE's mastermind and best clinical hypnotherapist, is proudly displaying her book, "The Only Way Out is In."

Sreemanti Gijare


Welcome to a world of healing and self-discovery

At the helm of transformative healing  -  Sree is, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, recognized and accredited by esteemed medical and dental associations in the United States and Europe.


As the top Hypnotherapist as per the prestigious Dubai's Best Forum, her influence spans the globe, with a clientele hailing from the UK, USA, India, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France,Italy, and New Zealand.

> Severe menstrual cramps
> Motion Sickness
> Vaginitis
> Crohn’s disease
> Acne and Pimples
> Cervical Spondylitis
> Hormonal Imbalance
> Snoring
> Slip Disc
> Diabetes

> Congenital Birth Defects

> Rashes

She has effectively supported individuals facing various mental health challenges, including:

- Low self-confidence
- Cessation of smoking
- Public Speaking Issues
- Bad habits(drinking/smoking)
- Accident trauma release
- Attention and focus deficiency

- Weight loss

She has also provided her services to individuals coping with physical conditions such as:

> Phobias

> Tinnitus                                   

> Allergies
> Anxiety and stress
> Thyroid
> Chronic Pains
> High Blood Pressure
> Irritable Bowel Syndrome
> Constipation

> Psoriasis

> Cervical Spondylitis

> Cysts Removal

> Stone Removal

Sree's Specialties

Fears and Phobias



Acne and

Skin Issues

Trauma Release

Physical Ailments

and Disorders

Yoga by the Ocean

The Journey to Re-connect with Your Authentic Self Is Only A Click Away!

Unleash Your Full Potential Through Hypnotherapy

  • Available Online

    Overcome The Challenges In Your Life With Hypnotherapy

    1 hr

    825 UAE dirhams
  • A one-on-one session in person with Sree. Located in Dubai, UAE.

    1 hr

    825 UAE dirhams
  • Available Online

    To function at their best, your chakras need to stay open, or balance

    1 hr

    825 UAE dirhams
  • Circulation of energy in each of our chakras influences our well-being

    1 hr

    825 UAE dirhams
  • I recommend my client to go for package. Pay for 5 and 6th is FREE!!

    1 hr

    4,200 UAE dirhams
  • I recommend my client to go for package. Especially for Weight Loss an...

    1 hr

    5,400 UAE dirhams
  • Opt for counseling packages for impactful couple therapy.

    1 hr

    8,200 UAE dirhams
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