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Meet Sree

A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist

- Certification is recognized by the medical and dental association of the USA and Europe -

I used to be a Geophysicist by qualification and profession. I have been in the oil and gas industry for 15 years, worked with Weatherford Middle East in Dubai, and prior to that with Schlumberger. I am an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Some years ago, I found my life's true purpose in healing and hypnotherapy. Since then, my healing journey has transformed me holistically. It has given me a gratifying experience that I would like to share with the rest of the world.

Using subconscious and conscious level techniques to help individuals, both men and women who are feeling anxious, stressed, stuck or unwell. I guide people who are ready to act and pulverize their fears, blockages, suffering from low self-esteem or struggling to overcome trauma, narcissistic abuse or stress-related illnesses. This method of alternative therapy utilizes the power of one’s subconscious to bring about positive changes to one's behavioral patterns, enhancing emotional well-being and shifting mindset by treating specific symptoms or conditions.

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My Story

Having worked for large corporates for close to 2 decades and after 40 revolutions around the sun, I never thought, I would have to script my life story again. But here I am, making a new beginning when typically, one is expected to be thinking about retirement plans. Seems a bit odd but as they say when life purpose calls, you answer. Over the years, somewhere in my heart, I was still seeking my life's true purpose, my calling. It eluded me, however, am glad, it found me. I got the most coveted job at the time, for my line of work. Straight from campus I landed in a megacity Mumbai for the first time. IIT gave me the wings and Schlumberger taught me to fly, see the world in a new light. It gave me financial freedom and a lot more. Rendezvous with hubby happened in Schlumberger….in 2002 we got married. Life seemed perfect smooth sailing, with both climbing the corporate ladder steadily. In 2005 we welcomed our first baby girl to the family. With career progression came the opportunity for international assignment and a chance to work in the UAE. Being closer to home, it was an ideal option.


2nd Phase

We relocated to U.A.E in 2009. I continued my Oilfield services technical professional journey with another global company, Weatherford. The stint in the company was quite good with employee recognition awards, higher responsibilities, more visibility. But in my heart, I always felt underutilized and wanted to bring value to others. Questions about myself, purpose in life, why I am born kept coming up. Life must be more than just adding years to my life and dying. What is my value addition apart from my own family. When life happens at such crazy pace, you tend to subdue such inquiries. When I quit my corporate job in Oil and Gas Industry, it gave me time to reflect and ponder. That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial path. I quickly trained myself in e-commerce, got registered and licensed to start my online store.

3rd Phase

Online business was fun, it kept me on my toes and helped me learn quite a bit about social media. I started selling on internet successfully (Amazon too). Financially it was rewarding, there was a point in time when I was making more money than my corporate job. However, that journey did not last for long due to issues with online store and other technical problems. During this time, being of value to others kept me awake. I started meditating after guidance from my husband who also happens to be my yoga guide. Meditation helped me calm my mind and listen to my inner voice Yoga sounds simple. However initially it was big struggle & slowly by the end of a week I felt a lot more focused. Every time into meditation I would seek guidance from the higher self to show me the way...I would chant this in my mind. Hoping to get some resolution...I kept at it. It may sound bizarre, but I felt the word whispered to me-Hypnotherapy. I still remember the look on my husband's face when I announced this. But he was as open about it and supported me. I felt it was my Inner Calling. None of my friends had done it, not in my circle of friends or relatives. Neither I was reading about it nor watching a movie. The point is there was no external factor influencing me to take this decision. But somehow, I was sure in my mind. So, I started doing online classes and excelling in them. Felt something drawing me closer to it. I opted for classroom option here in UAE and I finished all 6 levels. Typically (depending on trainer availability) it could take more than a year and a half to complete. I was fortunate to finish all of it in 5 months, which is a record time. I felt the Universe lining up everything for me. Getting certified was one aspect but next was taking it to people who may need this service and again I felt guided at this point. Just by mere word of mouth I saw people coming to me and with my therapy they started healing. My first success was of a client cum friend who had gluten allergy for last 11 years. Her body would react by bloating, with heaviness in chest and difficult bowel movements. She claimed that even if she had gluten unknowingly this would happen. Any Allergy is body's defense mechanism, and, in her case, she had major trauma and setback in her life 11 years back. Though now she is out of it the body still remembers and triggers with gluten. Within 3 sessions she was out of this allergy. And she could eat Panipuri, Maggi her favorite food which she missed always. She passed on her healing news to everyone. And since then, I have had success with so many issues both physical and psychological. I got success in Weight loss, Low self-confidence, Cessation to smoking, Public Speaking Issues, Bad habits, Accident trauma release, Attention and focus deficiency. I have helped clients with issues like Phobias, Tinnitus, Allergies, Anxiety and stress, Thyroid, Chronic Pains, High BP, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, severe menstrual cramps, Motion Sickness, Vaginitis, Crohn’s disease, Acne and Pimples, Cervical Spondylitis, Hormonal Imbalance, Snoring, Slip Disc … and the list continues even today. I am open to any issues that my clients come up with, without any judgment.


It was not an easy journey in terms of acceptance. I saw smirks in people's faces when I would say that they are the creator of their own diseases.

My own elder sister who happens to be a SVP in HSBC would laugh and ridicule me as to what I'm doing in my life. All my studies have been put to waste. But one day she booked an appointment with me and she was my first online client. I wasn't too sure that this will work, first she being my sister and 2nd being online. But nonetheless I worked on her. Next day she called me and said whatever I did, seemed to work as she no longer has cervical spondylitis pain which she was suffering for past 3 days. My skeptic sister was now a convert. She was my first success story online. She did her 21 days program with me and now she feels her thyroid is completely under control and her skin is glowing.

After that I started working online too. I'm based in Dubai, U.A.E but I have clients in the UK, USA, India, Singapore and Australia. I do face to face and online therapy sessions and both are equally effective.

I felt the need to spread awareness of the science which has only one effect and that is positive. Its scientific yet metaphysical at times. Sometimes I would try to use logic and rationalize but nothing mattered if my clients were getting better.

I remember I had a client from Abu Dhabi who had slip disc issues and could not get up from bed. His lower back was hurting, and it was 3L-4L issues. His pain was connected to marital issues. He was on the verge of getting a divorce. Just with one session he felt the difference, he resumed work and started to take charge back in his life. This was nothing short of a miracle and I knew that I was just a conveyor of the therapy.

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Journey Continues

I felt I had to reach out to more people and in today's world, I used my social media skills which helped me launch my brand HealingWithSree in just 3 days on all platforms. Growth has been purely organic. I realized that my small stint in e-commerce has come to my rescue and nothing goes to waste ever.

My corporate background helped me set up corporate events and I could reach more people in one go. Again, all this happened with divine intervention. Events started to unfold themselves and all I had to do was ASK.

The major change I saw in myself was finally I was at peace. I knew this is what I meant to do.

I saw some physical changes in me - After losing my mom at 35, I felt so lost and alone. I had become High BP patient; with this issue I delivered my 2nd baby at 36.

I saw that my BP issue and other small issues were getting better after I started my healing journey. I was never overweight, but I needed to reduce 5 kgs and though I was into yoga I never seem to lose that extra weight. I lost ~11kgs and got to my ideal weight without dieting. This was the power of the subconscious mind and food control. It helped me attract a lot of weight loss clients.

I have worked on many but when you work on your relatives and they start seeing results, that really boosts you up. My Mother-In-Law suffered from Vaginitis for years. She felt relieved in just a couple of sessions. My Sister-In-Law had snoring issues for almost a decade and now she and her family feel it is completely gone. Now my relatives were seeing me in a different light. So, jokes had all subsided now and I see the respect and recognition in their eyes.

I have undergone a huge transformation in terms of lifestyle - I no longer watch Netflix. I feel the need to fill my brain with something so wasteful has completely vanished.

I feel the equation I had with my teenage daughter of 16 has completely changed. In short, I'm in a very good space.

I have a long way to go, and I feel the journey is so much more meaningful and satisfactory now.

I remember my first paycheck in Schlumberger and the joy which I had but nothing compares to the gratifying experience to when someone tells me you Made a Difference in my life!!Each and every Testimony I get from my client verifies my belief yes, I'm in the right path.

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